Audio Visual Candidates

Audio Visual Candidates

“For us it’s all about developing a long-term relationship with you. We approach finding you a new role with honesty, integrity and discretion and you shouldn’t accept anything less”.

“The stuff dreams are made on” Prospero, The Tempest.

The perfect job is only one phone call away.

Prospero integrated is the leading consultancy for Audio Visual Candidates. We work on your behalf to find you the right position whether it is in the technical or event arena.  We are proud to say that we have placed thousands of people in jobs since 2000.  Prospero Integrated works with over 200 clients across the UK and overseas, and it is a testament to our service that we have retained 95% of our original client base.

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We have an extensive range of audio-visual jobs.

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Prospero is the ideal company for getting started in the audio-visual industry. Register now on our website to see all of our new job listings, as well as regular updates and advice from the entire team. We take pride in our ability to find the right fit for both candidates and clients quickly and efficiently. Our team of experienced recruiters works tirelessly to ensure that candidates are matched with job opportunities that align with their skills, interests, and career goals.

Get placed within a matter of weeks!

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