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CES 2018 – The Audio Products You Should Look Out For

CES 2018 has been and gone and we have seen some weird and wacky audio products. Check out the ones to look out for below: Arcam CDS50: Arcam has unveiled a new design at this year’s show, taking the wraps off some early examples of three new products. Alongside the SA10 and SA20 integrated amplifiers, we […]

A History Of Speakers

Speakers nowadays are able to produce high quality sound, and don’t end up taking up half the size of the room due to the development of technology over the years. Speakers have gone from having massive horns which produce low quality sound, to being a thin sheet of carbon fibre, producing sound of up to […]

The Event Tech Buyer’s Guide 2018

The Event Tech Buyer’s Guide Welcome to the 2018 edition of the Event Tech Buyer’s Guide, your comprehensive resource for learning what the latest trends are in this diverse industry. The growth of Event Tech Live has undoubtedly paralleled the expansion of the event tech industry, allowing it to flourish and develop its own identity […]

Vi – the world’s first artificially intelligent personal trainer launches in the UK

Vi, the world’s first artificially intelligent personal trainer launches in the UK   This voice-activated AI trainer provides personalised coaching through biosensing earphones Interactive fitness devices enter a new phase of evolution today as Vi, the world’s first voice-activated artificially intelligent (AI) personal trainer, becomes available in the UK. Created by LifeBEAM Labs and following a […]

How audio brand Bang and Olufsen produce their stunning sound

Harmonies at Factory 5: The famous audio entrepreneurs at Bang and Olufson have recently produced a blog on their website, outlining the ins-and-outs of their aluminium plant in Struer, Denmark. What is this new collection? The new Harmonies Collection fuses the cool Nordic minimalism of Bang & Olufsen design with a breath of natural green colour tones. The collection encompasses a selection […]

World’s largest laser light show sets new GUINNESS WORLD RECORD™

314 individual laser fixtures create spectacular laser light show 12 tonnes of equipment valued at £2.6 million 1,377 watts of laser power lit up the Las Vegas skyline British company ER Productions set record, which has supported The X Factor, Zayn Malik, Calvin Harris, Metallica and Katy Perry British laser specialist ER Productions has achieved […]

AV Black Friday Bargains!

We all love a good Black Friday deal, but remember to choose carefully across all different sites when picking the perfect. If you weren’t planning on buying it before the sale, it probably won’t be worth buying it on the day, even at a hefty discount. We went through the best Black Friday deals at all […]

Waterloo’s Graffiti Tunnel

Leading-edge lighting design consultacy Nulty, has recently completed work on the regeneration of Leake Street Arches in London’s Waterloo, including lighting 300m of dramatic street art. Originally brought to fame by notorious street artist Banksy, Leake Street, also known as the iconic ‘graffiti tunnel’, links Lower Marsh to the South Bank and is one of […]

Top 5 festival lightshows 2017

I am a keen festival goer who highly appreciates a good lightshow, but certain festivals stand out from the rest. Here is a list of my top 5 favorites over the last few years…. 5. Qlimax 2014: Opening Show with HQ audio 4. Defqon 1 2016 Opening of The Gathering 3. Defqon.1 Weekend Festival 2017 | Official Saturday Endshow […]

Top 5 tips for renting AV equipment

Never had the cash to actually go out and buy AV equipment? Ever thought of renting? Make sure you read these tips to make sure that you get the best price and don’t end up with a dud set of equipment… 1.  Negotiate the price Renting AV equipment from a company for a long period of […]

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