We’ve had 4K… so What’s Next?

Despite its incredible picture quality, some argue that the introduction of 4K was useless the high price tag along with a marginal difference in picture quality was, according to some, not worth it.

Now we’re living in the full depth of the 4K age, inevitably there is talk of moving onto the next big thing – 8K. A leading article called ‘Why 4K TV’s are Stupid’ claimed that the human eye has a finite resolution and because of the distance berween our couches and TVs, we would barely be able to tell the difference between 720p, 1080p and 4K.


Most consumers sit, on average, 3 to 4 meters away from their TV screens. At this distance, the human eye can barely distinguish individual pixels at 720p and the average viewer would start to experience pixel visibility problems with a screen size larger than 70 inches. Therefore, if the naked eye can barely see past 720p, let alone 1080p and 4K, why is there high demand for 8K?


The point about 8K is that it’s more than just about detailed images. Other advantages of 8K include glasses-free 3D, the end of interlaced scanning, and pixel-free viewing when large screens are viewed up close. Associated benefits of the technology include 22.2 multi-channel audio, to carry for example, multiple languages. While not directly related to higher resolutions, the frame rate frequently associated with 8K, 120 fps, produces less blur in images and fewer motion artefacts.


Tim Brooksbank, CEO at Calibre argues that demand for 8K technology is driven by market demand for ever larger display formats:

“The HQUltra4000 is the perfect solution for connecting to the new and extremely large LED and flat panel videowalls as well as for projection applications. HQUltra4000 models offer optimised scaling with per-edge pixel accurate custom sizing for LED videowalls. The scaled image can be distributed across all four outputs, perfectly aligned and synchronized, allowing the HQUltra4000 to drive a surface area up to true 8K/Quad-UHD. That is an incredible 8,192 x 4,340 pixel area!”

You don’t want to be so far ahead of the game that customers see you as unworldly, but you can’t afford to miss the start of something big.

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